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Welcome, I'm Najla and I am excited for the opportunity to tell you about myself. I have been performing, teaching, and active in the Austin belly dance scene for more two decades. I fell in love with belly dancing right after my first class. The music, the movement, and my goodness the costumes…all drew me in. As I grew as a dancer, I also learned to love the community and connection it creates with other women.

Some of my dearest friends, and most cherished memories are wrapped up in this dance.  And twenty plus years later I am still passionate about learning and teaching – and yes…the music still makes me swoon, the movement makes me feel alive, and the friendships continue to deepen.

Whether you are thinking about taking your first class, brushing up on moves you learned before, or expanding your dance knowledge –I’ve got a lifetime of learning to share with you to help you on your dance journey. I look forward to teaching you about the history, the music, and the movement that is deeply rooted in Egyptian and Arabic culture.

I've worked with hundreds of students taught countless classes, perfected thousands of shimmies and hip drops and through it all experienced priceless smiles, laughter and joy in my classes.

Now if you are hesitating about taking belly dance classes because you don’t think you have the right body – don’t worry. Tall or short, young or older, thin or curvy…of shape, size, or skill… your body right now is in the perfect shape to start your journey in belly dance. And here’s a secret -as a seasoned instructor, I’ll help you learn foundational moves, develop new dance skills, and grow in confidence and ability…all in a supportive, fun, and inclusive environment.

Check out my class links for schedules and registration, feel free to follow me on social media, and I hope to see you soon- whether virtually or in person so I can help you fall in love with belly dancing too! Happy Shimmies!!!!

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