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Dipping my toes in

Everyone has been feeling the disruption of routines, work, play and life for more than a year now. COVID has turned so many parts of our lives upside down and teaching dance has been no different from everything else. Oddly enough I was looking for a pause before the 2020 March madness hit, but a global pandemic was not on my radar. As the months wore on, my desire to get back in the studio - even virtually never moved beyond a few good intentions.

Spring of 2021 has brought a shift - maybe it is the promise of vaccinations, or just the blooms, blossoms, and warm weather that has moved in - but that little shift has brought a little movement for me to head back to dance. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of teaching belly dance classes, and over the decades I've seen hundreds of students pass through my classes and onto the stage...or other fun adventures.

So, as the world starts to re-emerge from pandemic-induced hibernation, I'm ready to dip my toes back in. Into the studio, into my classes, and into the creative stream that is this art form and this dance. I knew I could never stay away forever but I was surprised that I stayed away for a year. But it's time to head back in!

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