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Well hello there!

As we're coming out of COVID, I feel like the world is opening back up, we're connecting to friends again, rediscovering our hobbies and passions, or exploring new ones - including belly dance. Prior to the pandemic I had been wanting a break from teaching because I was needing a little time away to refuel artistically and creatively. Little did I know the universe would force that short break into something longer.

At one point I considered doing online classes, but here's the thing - I love being in person with students, and with a job that had me online 40+ hours a week, it was hard to find the energy to teach virtually. In-person classes were always such a treat for me because I could let go of other stresses and focus on being present for myself and my students. And as I looked forward to seeing everyone in the studio again, I did start working on some videos to use as marketing collateral for my updated website...and here's the first one!

It's easy to over analyze and nit-pick the piece (just like we do with performances) but here are the things I love about this one:

  • My hair was having an amazing day, and I'm thrilled it was captured on camera so well.

  • Brigette - who made a small appearance around the two-minute mark did not completely crash the video (although you can hear her knocking things around a bit).

  • Despite crazy Austin allergies - I made it through without sneezing or sniffling once, even if I had to take a couple extra breaths.

Enjoy the video, and if you're interested in classes - drop me a line!

Happy shimmies,


P.S. here are some Brigette shots since she didn't have a full cameo in the clip!

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